Finding a Home for all the Movies: King of DVDs

I just looked up the word cinephile. My husband is one, and technically, I am too. The computer told me it wasn’t spelled right when I sounded it out as I typed it and I thought – maybe it isn’t a word? I used it when I was out with friends a few nights agoContinue reading “Finding a Home for all the Movies: King of DVDs”

Organizing My Life

I am not educated as a professional organizer, but I feel like as a mom of three, there has to be some element of this specialty in your toolbox or you start to drown with all of the “stuff” that comes with having kids. Pictures, toys, shoes, (SO many SHOES) can start to pile ofContinue reading “Organizing My Life”

Celebrate “In Betweening”

So, for two months, I posted a weekly blog about the things I have made and done in my home for the past year or so – bolstered by the quarantine for extra DIY magic with paint and chalkboards – and then I went dark for a whole MONTH! This was not my intention. IContinue reading “Celebrate “In Betweening””