DE-Green-ING our Home, One Room at A Time

Lets talk about FLAT paint people – have you ever seen FLAT paint? It is exactly like it sounds, paint that has no shine or gloss. This paint does not really reflect any light and it almost looks velvety, like a delicious cake. In a house owned by a 60+ year old, it is decedantContinue reading “DE-Green-ING our Home, One Room at A Time”

Pink Chalkboard Wall

As with most homebuyers with wallpapered rooms, I have heavily researched removing said wallpaper to refresh my daughters room and give it her own style. Removing it seemed like a pain (an arduous, tedious, messy, pain in the butt) and I was nervous about approaching this project with so many methods. Scraping, scoring, different concoctionsContinue reading “Pink Chalkboard Wall”