Pink Chalkboard Wall

As with most homebuyers with wallpapered rooms, I have heavily researched removing said wallpaper to refresh my daughters room and give it her own style. Removing it seemed like a pain (an arduous, tedious, messy, pain in the butt) and I was nervous about approaching this project with so many methods. Scraping, scoring, different concoctionsContinue reading “Pink Chalkboard Wall”

Runn-ING and Work-ING are constants.

Of all of the “ING”s I do running is the one constant that remains the same – I run about 2-5 days a week and average 15-35 miles – sound like a large swing there? Balancing all of this DO-ing and runnings is a delicate balance and it requires CONSTANT compromise. Running is a movingContinue reading “Runn-ING and Work-ING are constants.”