Masking my bigs and my littles.

I sewed face masks again for my family again

Celebrate “In Betweening”

So, for two months, I posted a weekly blog about the things I have made and done in my home for the past year or so – bolstered by the quarantine for extra DIY magic with paint and chalkboards – and then I went dark for a whole MONTH! This was not my intention. IContinue reading “Celebrate “In Betweening””

Always Washing and Drying

As we make small adjustments and updates to our house, we bite off little bits here and there. Adulting is the real deal people, and home-ownership, whether it is a home on a lot or a condo, is a lifelong venture. I like to look at owning a home like the ultimate hobby and isContinue reading “Always Washing and Drying”

diyING a “Sand Box”

With all the uncertainty surrounding park openings in the COVID times of now, I have been wracking my brain for ways to potentially keep our children busy and OUT of our house and OFF of screens of any sort. We have been in our new home a little over a year now and when weContinue reading “diyING a “Sand Box””

Bedroom TransformING

I have been posting a lot about painting over wall paper and the ease of chalk board painting in your home and now I present the pinnacle of combining these two fabulous techniques in a room I use every day. My BEDROOM. In our old house, we had a white room that I left fairlyContinue reading “Bedroom TransformING”

UpdatING instead of ReplacING

Anyone have that leftover piece of furniture, a chair, or an ottoman, that you really can’t stand? A cushion that is out of date? For me it was a few items in my home. Some stains that wouldn’t come out or tears that couldn’t be mended. Sometimes its a bargain find that has a patternContinue reading “UpdatING instead of ReplacING”

Crochet it AINT SO

Have you ever started a project and not finish it? I am sure you haven’t heard of this concept, let alone has it ever happened to you or anyone you know, < WINK WINK >. I have fallen victim to this for many years and as a younger me, I didn’t complete quite a fewContinue reading “Crochet it AINT SO”

Where Else Can I Put Chalkboard Paint?

Chalkboard walls are so last blog post < wink > ever wonder where else to put chalkboard paint? This post is a shorty but a goody – just some more ideas for you on alternate chalk board surface ideas. Before I knew it came in different colors, I was eager to add some contrast inContinue reading “Where Else Can I Put Chalkboard Paint?”

DE-Green-ING our Home, One Room at A Time

Lets talk about FLAT paint people – have you ever seen FLAT paint? It is exactly like it sounds, paint that has no shine or gloss. This paint does not really reflect any light and it almost looks velvety, like a delicious cake. In a house owned by a 60+ year old, it is decedantContinue reading “DE-Green-ING our Home, One Room at A Time”


So a while back I wanted to make some garlands – felt ball garlands – and I wanted to figure out how to make them myself. Felted crafts use Wool Roving –  a piece of clumped, combed, and slightly twisted wool – I made some purchases from Craft stores and a variety of places on line.Continue reading “Felt-ING AROUND”