Hi, I am Chelsea, and I am a DO-ER

I am not always running but I am always “on the run” DOING – making, sewing, writing, painting, drawing, remodeling, etc. If you can add an “ing” to it, I am going to add it to my list! DO-ING ALL. THE. THINGS.

I just moved into my dream neighborhood with my family of 5 – one girl, two boys, a husband and a cat and dog into a house that has amazing clean neutral bones but needed some updating.

  • I like to try to do or make something myself because I come from a family of makers and tradesmen and married an electricition turned general contractor and have always been surrounded by “fests” in which my family comes over and does the thing together + food and drink. AKA – fence fest – build a fence (a whole dang fence), TILE fest! You get the picture.
  • Also, there is a satisfaction of doing something with your own two hands.

My fitness is a big part of my life, and in addition to running (see my first blog post) I participate in yoga and teach spinning once a week (as of 3/13/20, that is on hold for COVID_19) at Lifetime Fitness!

Coming soon – many of my exploits of the past year – as I get to them – including but not limited to – needle felting, crocheting, gardening, growing, digging, sewing (upholstery), camping, painting ALL the Chalkboard + Magnet too, writing, organizing, decluttering, and unpacking my house (yes, a YEAR later – still on that).

As with most people this days, I use a variety of sources to help me decide my next project, internet, pinterest, magazines, friends homes, IKEA, my husband – and I am by no means a trained anything – but I did minor in art <wink>

there is a satisfaction of doing something with your own two hands.


Why am I blogging? I realized that my instagram exploits required more explanation than the allowable Insta-captions and I wanted to give more details on ALL of my adventures – so here we are!

I am excited to show you all the DIY fun I can muster!!!

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